Sudanese Refugees Second ‘March for Freedom’ From Israeli ‘Open Prison’

A sad end to the second #MarchForFreedom for the African refugees today. All of them were beaten and arrested only few hours into their journey out of the “open” jail in the Negev/Naqeb Desert, south Israel. They are protesting for their freedom and recognition. "We didn’t commit any crime," said Abdul Hamid, one of the refugees during the demonstration, short time before the violent detentions started.

Immigration inspectors began to surround the marchers and beat them, drag them to the ground and pulled them with force, onto the buses. Refugees stood battered and bruised, weeping and calling: "Freedom, freedom!" Half of them began to flee into the desert, without water, without food, and without any real chance. Short time later they were captured and detained violently.

"We will go to Be’er Sheva, Tel Aviv, anywhere, to tell the world that we’re in prison for two years and we are still suffering. We ask for help and we want human rights. If you do not want us here pass us over to the UN or any other organization to take care of us. We are refugees, not criminals", said one person.

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